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mr.Children \(^0^)/ \(^0^)/ \(^0^)/

Mr.Children, Toys factory, Supermarket fantasy, gift lyric

Ye ye ye finally I'm writing about my favorit band ever. And this is it,...Mr.Children (ミスターチルドレン), but sometimes they called as misuchiru. I heard their song 'Hero' for the first time in Fukuoka, 3 years ago. It's just only took a couple minutes to decide that i loved that song. And my favorit song goes to 'Sign',...honestly when I heard that song initially, I didn't even understand the meaning, but the melody really touched my heart and I felt that the Sakurai sang with sincerity...it was also the song that I always heard before I leave Japan, moreover I sang that song during my travel to Fukuoka airport,..a lot of memory within^^
First album and the only album that I had is Supermarket Fantasy, given by my best best friend 'Mika',..thank you mika, indeed miss you :* :*
Anyway, mr.Children formed in 1988 (hm,...I was only 1 years old -_-'), contain of Kazutoshi Sakurai (leader and vocal) , Kenichi Tahara (guitar) , Keisuke Nakagawa (Bass), and Hideya Suzuki (Drums). Almost mr.children's song wrote by Sakurai-san, I thought that he was the real genius artist. As I know, they already sold more than 50million albums under Toy's Factory Labels, and become one of the best band ever in Japan. Some of their song, contain a great piano melody. And it was Takeshi Kobayashi who played a keyboard or piano.
Well,..I hope one day I can go back to Japan and watch their live performance,...yeiiiii
And I choose 'Gift' as the song for today, a lot spirit within this song,...Happy Monday everyone^^

what is the most prettiest color ?
I wonder what shines the brightest?
I searched for the greatest gift to give you
While imagining how happy you would be

You say, “I want to discover my true self”
You say, “I want to know why I was born”
But I hope that when you take the gift from my hands
Your questions will be answered, I wonder if you’ll take it?

I’ve wanted to give it to you for a long time
And I’ve held onto it so tightly
That it’s been ruined and the color has changed completely
You can’t even call it pretty anymore

“Answer in black and white terms”
That difficult problem is thrust at us
Becoming a brick wall we run into
We’re still stuck in front of it, still lost and confused
But between black and white
There is an infinite color that grows
I searched for the color that suits you and gave it a gentle name
Hey, I’m sending you
The prettiest color now

Even if you make it past the horizon
The only thing you’ll find is another one
I ask my heart, “Should I stop here?”
And hear it reply, “I want to keep on walking”

Before I knew it I had more baggage to carry
But somehow I’ve been able to bear with it
So I can carry yours for you, so please stay with me
With you by my side my heart feels lighter

At the end of the endless journey
Who will be the “chosen one?”
Even if it doesn’t end up being me
I’ll still keep on running, keep on running
The reason shade exists
Is because of the pouring sunlight
All of it holds meaning
And they compliment each other
So no matter where you are
You can feel the light

I’m sending my gift to you now, will you like it? Please take it
I was able to find it because you were with me
And I’m the one who should be thanking you

I wonder what the prettiest color is?
I wonder what shines the brightest?
I will embrace the gift that you gave me
Deep in my heart forever
Hey, it’s shining now
It’s always going to shine

Ichiban kirei na iro tte nan darou?
Ichiban hikatteru mono tte nan darou?
Boku wa sagashite ita saikou no GIFT wo
Kimi ga yorokonda sugata wo IMEEJI shi nagara

“Hontou no jibun” wo mitsuketa itte iu kedo
“Umareta imi” wo shiritai tte iu kedo
Boku no ryoute ga sore wo watasu toki
Futo nazo ga tokeru to ii na
Uketottekureru ka na

Nagai aida kimi ni watashitakute
Tsuyoku nigirishimete ita kara
Mou gujaguja ni natte
Iro wa kawari hate
Oseji ni mo kirei to wa ie nai kedo

“Shiroka kuro de kotaero” to iu
Nandai wo tsuki tsukerare
Buchi atatta kabe no mae de
Bokura wa mata mayotte iru
Mayotteru kedo
Shiro to kuro no sono aida ni
Mugen no iro ga hirogatteru
Kimi ni niau iro sagashite
Yasashii namae wo tsuketa nara
Hora ichiban kirei na iro
Ima kimi ni okuru yo

Chiheisen no saki ni tadoritsuite mo
Atarashii chiheisen ga hirogaru dake
“Mou yame ni shiyou ka?”
Jibun no mune ni kiku to
“Mada aruki tsuduketai”
to henji ga kikoeta yo

Shiranu ma ni fuete itta nimotsu mo
Mada nan to ka seotte ikeru kara
Kimi no bun made motsu yo
Dakara soba ni ite yo
Sore dakede kokoro wa karuku naru

Hate shi nai tabiji no hate ni
“Erabareru mono” to wa dare?
Tatoe boku ja nakutatte
Sore demo mata hashitte yuku
Hashitte yuku yo
Furi sosogu hizashi ga atte
Dakara koso hikage mo atte
Sono subete ga imi wo motte
Tagai wo tataete iru no nara
Mou donna basho ni ite mo
Hikari wo kanjireru yo

Ima kimi ni okuru yo
Ki ni iru ka naa? Uketotte yo
Kimi to dakara sagaseta yo
Boku no hou koso arigatou

Ichiban kirei na iro tte nan darou?
Ichiban hikatteru mono tte nan darou?
Boku wa dakishimeru
Kimi ga kureta GIFT wo
Itsumademo mune no oku de
Hora hikatterun da yo
Hikari tsuduken da yo

The Video link from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt8uT0onIeo

happy watching^^

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