Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

another difficult decision ^^

October 19th, 2011 Another important decision has been made. Just right now, I choose to step out from my comfort zone. I will face another kind of life, new challenge, new hope and of course new adventure. Its so difficult thing to do, I'm so sorry Director..... I don't even think to let you down, but I can't stand with it anymore. Its not because of you or another people, but its all about me, I feel that I have to go. I'm not run away and just hide, but I choose to take another risk. And I'm sure that i'll survive and succeed.
Honestly, I'm so glad having boss just like my current Director. thank you so much for all your understanding, among your activity you are always have a time to take care of us. I hope you understand about my decision, someday I'll show you that I choose the right way.
Huuuffff,...I never thought that it will be so difficult and so sadden,...what a life....

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